About Us

Luther Cifers - CEO

"Our plans are big but our strategy is simple: We will do everything we can to produce the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed, and most carefully engineered fishing kayaks possible. The team we’re putting together is among the most talented and experienced I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish together.

There are still a lot of details left to figure out, but our mission is clear. Commitments to manufacturing in the USA, creating jobs, and unparalleled customer service are among our primary objectives.

We plan to unveil our first kayak at iCAST 2017, and will keep the kayak fishing community updated along the way. All I can say for now is that it’s safe to expect original, fresh designs that perform as good as they look."


Jake Fuller - Product Manager

"At Bonafide the goal is to remain authentic, genuine, and real.  Our commitment is to do things differently, in ways that will lead to some of the most innovative products the industry's ever seen.  The other commitment is to listen to our core consumer, what their needs really are, and how to improve upon that experience.  You asked for it, now we'll execute it."


Hans Nutz - Design Manager

"As kayak anglers we face a unique environment for our sport that demands innovation.  That environment dictates that we look for unconventional solutions along the way.  As a product designer, I seek those real world conditions and end-user feedback to uncover new ideas, and develop break through designs.   At Bonafide we are listening, and we will put the end-user first in our designs.  We will question conventional thinking,  and we will bring forward concepts and products that answer those needs."


Matt Montaruli - Engineering Manager

"What we're doing here at Bonafide is a scientific approach to development.  We are allowing data and quantitative measurements to drive our designs and will provide a boat that is precisely engineered to meet the needs of kayak anglers.  Some of these approaches have never been applied to kayaks, but will likely become the standard."